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You don’t want to fill your body with chemicals from the water you drink so lets dive into how To Make Water That Is Totally CLEAN

Are you drinking contaminated water without even knowing it?

Did you know that the water we drink on a daily basis is filled with harmful chemicals like lead, mercury and much more?

Humans are made of 70 % water…

You try to eat healthy…

You exercise and try to live a healthy life…

But do you drink healthy?

Are you STILL drinking tap water?

  • The news is being spread throughout the mainstream media that we have PFAS and other toxic chemical compounds in our drinking water, that we are now consuming on a daily basis.
  • It is said that we can meassure these compunds in the urine of 5-year-old children.
  • They just keep raising the allowed maximum amount

And I was scared to find out what disgusting things that are in MY water.

The water that I drink 2-4 liters of EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Here we have things like:

Lead, Mercury, pharmaceutical medicine residues, herbicides, pesticides, chalk, limescale, Floruide that calcify your pineal gland and decrease your access to spiritual data and much more unknown than we absolutely DO NOT WANT IN OUR BODIES.

If you don’t have a water filter, your body is the one doing the filtering and you become the water filter.

In other words: “Filter your water, or your body will”

So here are some options for us:

  1. You can drink bottled water, filled with carcinogenic plastic chemicals that have leached into the water
  2. Continue to just drink tap water and be ignorant of the fact it is filled with a wide range of chemicals that are doing great harm to your long term.
  3. Go find some natural spring water, if you know where to get some of that, it might be hard to do.
  4. or invest in a water filtration system or a water distiller.

So what did I do?

I was looking for a machine that could make water that is totally clean.

And what I found was a water distillation machine for like 70$

If you are not familiar with Water distillation, here is what it does.

  • It removes the water from the contaminant by boiling the water and collecting the evaporated water until only the contaminant is left in the tank.
  • This is the best way to remove viruses and bacteria
  • It is a consistent way to clean water. High quality water. Water Without ANY Chemical.

Some people are worried about flushing out all of the minerals in your body, if you only drink distilled water, but there is a solution.

If you think its necessary, you could add electrolytes and minerals back to the water

  • With just a pinch of Himalayan salt that has over 80 minerals.
    • You can add one small teaspoon to 4 liters of water
  • Or add some ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops, haven’t tried these.
  • Add a squeezed lemon in it that would also add some minerals.
  • or just make sure to eat enough mineral rich foods throughout the day

I like to think that we should not necessarily get our minerals from water, but from our rich and healthy diet.

Benefits of drinking distilled water

The last 90 days I’ve been drinking distilled water and no tap water at all.

I’ve noticed a lot of benefits from doing it

  • like clearer skin
  • better digestion
  • overall a greater sense of joy drinking water.
  • It tastes so clean!
  • The knowledge that I don’t consume toxic chemicals every day through the water is making me feel more at ease everyday

The pros outweigh the cons, but I’m not gonna leave you without warning you first.

There are some things you need to be aware of before buying a machine yourself.

  • You will get to have a semi-loud and big machine on the kitchen table
  • It costs power when it needs to run its big top fan and cook water for like 4 hours to produce 4 liters of water.
  • Clean water that has just been boiled so it is hot when it comes out. That requires a bit of space in the fridge to store the water under the cooldown phase.
  • To be on top of things, the job consists of filling up bottles and containers to store the water in.
  • the need to be producing more water to sustain the household’s daily water intake.

It is a daily routine to make sure there is always clean and COLD drinking water in stock.

But honestly, it’s completely worth it.. even though its a bit of work everyday. The water is just super tasty and I KNOW its 100 % clean and safe to drink.

The process of making the water every day is something I had to prioritize now that I know how badly contaminated my drinking water is.

I’m currently looking into getting a more productive and advanced water system, where there is always cold, clean, filtered, and remineralized water from a tap by the sink. This is a lot more expensive and will take up some space under the kitchen sink.

Remember, if you do now have a water filter, YOU are the water filter.

Hey wait, are you drinking your daily water out of a plastic bottle?

I suggest you check out this video here, to find out how toxic it ACTUALLY is for your health and what to do about it instead.

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